AR-15 Accessories – Top 8 Accessories for the Diamondback AR-15 in 2024

There are so many AR-15 accessories, it can be difficult to seperate what you need versus what is essential. For many, your Diamondback is your first AR, and it can be tricky to know where to start the upgrade process. To be clear, the Diamondback AR-15 has garnered a reputation as a reliable and affordable option within the AR platform. However, like any firearm, it can benefit from enhancements to elevate its performance and ergonomics.

By investing in quality AR-15 accessories, you can transform your Diamondback AR-15 (or any off-the-shelf AR) into a precision tool suitable for the range or a dependable option for home defense. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top accessories across various categories to maximize the potential of your Diamondback AR-15.

Many newer Diamondback rifles have everything you could want, but if yours looks like this, you might want to upgrade some of your rifle’s accessories.

AR-15 Accessories – A Word of Caution

It’s essential to approach firearm customization and the many AR-15 accessories with a mindful understanding that what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Each individual possesses unique preferences, shooting styles, and ergonomic requirements. While it’s tempting to emulate popular setups or accessories simply because they appear appealing or trendy, it’s crucial to remember that your needs may differ significantly from those of others.

When buying AR15 accessories, make sure you go with reputable companies like Dirty Bird Guns & Ammo and

Instead of blindly adopting someone else’s configuration, take the time to assess your own shooting habits, comfort levels, and intended use of the firearm. Customization should be driven by functionality and practicality rather than mere aesthetic appeal. By prioritizing personal suitability over imitation, you can ensure that your firearm setup and the AR-15 accessories you purchase truly aligns with your individual needs and enhances your shooting experience effectively. You also won’t end up with a drawer full of unused parts that looked cool at the time, but acutally just got in the way of you being a better, more effective shooter. Ask yourself if what you are buying actually solves a problem.

AR-15 Accessories – Red Dot Optic: Enhancing Accuracy and Target Acquisition

The first thing we do with any rifle is upgrade your ability to hit the target you are aiming at. If you only do one thing on this list in 2024, there’s just no reason NOT to have some sort of illuminated red dot optic on your rifle. The configuration of your rifle may vary depending on your purchase, with some including a sight or optic setup while others may not.

Given that many individuals acquire firearms with the intent of personal and familial protection, this remains our primary focus. When considering a defensive firearm, the choice typically narrows down to either a red dot or a low power variable optic (LPVO). However, there’s no definitive “correct” option as the decision largely hinges on personal comfort and preference.

For us, one of the most impactful AR-15 accessories for your Diamondback AR-15 is a quality red dot optic. While the rifle may come with basic iron sights, a red dot optic significantly improves accuracy and target acquisition speed. Look for models with crisp, clear reticles and durable construction to withstand recoil and harsh conditions.

Brands like Aimpoint, Trijicon, and Vortex offer excellent options tailored for AR platforms. Additionally, consider investing in a reliable mounting system to ensure proper alignment and stability. Be sure to factor in the cost of the mount with your rifle, and less you have a very pressing need, we’d recommend avoiding mounts taller than 1.70″

Vortex Venom 1-6×24 SFP 30mm Rifle Scope – AR-BDC3 Reticle


Dirty Bird Guns & Ammo

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AR-15 Accessories – Improved Grip: Ergonomics and Control

The stock grip on the Diamondback AR-15 may suffice for basic use, but upgrading to a more ergonomic option can enhance comfort and control during extended shooting sessions. This is really one of the easiest AR-15 accessories out there to purchase and install.

Unsure about updating your grips? Start here.

Aftermarket grips with textured surfaces and ergonomic contours provide a secure hold and reduce hand fatigue. Brands like Magpul and Hogue offer a wide range of grips tailored to fit AR platforms, allowing you to customize the feel of your rifle to suit your preferences. See our recent blog post on Magpul’s grip offerings for more details.

AR-15 Accessories – Front Grip: Stability and Maneuverability

Adding a front grip to your Diamondback AR-15 can improve stability and maneuverability, especially during rapid fire or close-quarters engagements. A vertical or angled grip attached to the handguard allows for better control and reduces muzzle rise, enhancing overall accuracy. Look for grips with robust construction and compatibility with standard Picatinny or M-LOK rail systems for easy installation. Brands like BCM Gunfighter and True North Concepts offer popular options designed for AR rifles. See our recent blog post below for more information…

AR-15 Accessories – Quality Stock: Comfort and Adjustability

While the stock provided with the Diamondback AR-15 may be functional, upgrading to a quality stock can significantly improve comfort and adjustability. Consider options with adjustable length of pull and cheek risers to achieve a personalized fit and proper eye alignment with your optic. Collapsible or folding stocks offer added versatility for storage and transportation. Brands like Magpul, B5 Systems, and Luth-AR provide a variety of stock options to suit different preferences and shooting styles.

This video highlights a new Magpul stock for 2024 – the perfect stock for your AR-15.

AR-15 Accessories – Sling: Versatility and Accessibility

Sling accessories often receive less attention compared to high-priority items like quality optics or weapon lights in the realm of home defense guns. While this discrepancy is understandable to some extent, slings play a crucial role in the functionality of any duty or defense firearm.

The primary purpose of a sling is to securely retain the firearm on your person. While this may seem straightforward, there are critical scenarios where this functionality becomes paramount. Firstly, in situations where you need to assist a loved one, having the firearm securely slung allows you to do so without compromising your firearm’s security in a potentially hazardous environment. Secondly, in the event of a confrontation, a properly attached sling prevents an attacker from easily disarming you by snatching the firearm from your grasp.

Moreover, a well-utilized sling can significantly improve shooting accuracy. Many novice shooters struggle with maintaining proper firearm positioning, particularly in keeping the long gun firmly against their body (ideally the shoulder, although this is a separate discussion). The supporting hand gripping the rail or handguard should actively pull the firearm into the shooter’s body while guiding the point of aim. For individuals experiencing difficulty in maintaining firearm stability, employing a sling to wrap around the supporting hand and create a mechanism for pulling the firearm towards the body can enhance shot placement and overall accuracy.

Bottom line, a sling is an essential accessory for any rifle, offering convenience, stability, and versatility in various shooting scenarios. Whether you’re navigating tight spaces or transitioning between shooting positions, a quality sling allows you to carry your Diamondback AR-15 securely and deploy it quickly when needed. Look for adjustable, padded slings with quick-detach swivels for ease of use and comfort during extended carry. Brands like Blue Force Gear and Magpul offer popular sling options designed for AR rifles.

AR-15 Accessories – Weapon Light: Low-Light Performance and Target Identification

Incorporating a weapon light into your Diamondback AR-15 setup enhances your ability to effectively engage targets in low-light conditions while positively identifying threats. Choose a high-output LED light with multiple brightness settings and a durable, shock-resistant housing. Mount the light securely to your rifle’s handguard or rail system for easy access and minimal interference with other accessories. Brands like SureFire, Streamlight, and Olight offer reliable weapon light options tailored for AR platforms.

AR-15 Accessories – Muzzle Device: Recoil Management and Muzzle Control

Upgrading the muzzle device on your Diamondback AR-15 can improve recoil management and muzzle control, enhancing overall shooting comfort and follow-up shot accuracy. While the rifle may come with a basic flash hider or muzzle brake, aftermarket options offer superior performance in terms of recoil reduction and flash suppression.

Muzzle brakes primarily aim to channel gases upwards to minimize muzzle rise. While there may be more intricate mechanisms in some advanced models, the basic purpose is to stabilize the firearm’s muzzle, ensuring smoother follow-up shots. Unlike flash hiders, muzzle brakes do not prioritize concealing flash signatures or redirecting gases away from the shooter or their companions.

Dirty Bird 5.56/.223 1/2×28 Three Port Muzzle Brake


Dirty Bird Guns & Ammo

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On the other hand, flash hiders, as the name suggests, focus on diminishing flash signatures. This objective is more nuanced than it appears at first glance, as it serves two key purposes: Firstly, it aids in maintaining the shooter’s position concealed, and secondly, it reduces the flash’s interference with the shooter’s line of sight during firing.

Consider your specific shooting needs and preferences when selecting a muzzle device, whether it’s a compensator, muzzle brake, or flash hider. Brands like VG6 Precision, SureFire, and SilencerCo offer a range of muzzle devices designed for AR rifles.

AR-15 accessories
VG6 designed this Delta 556 as an alternative to the standard A2. The DELTA does an excellent job of sending gas down range thus reducing the concussion felt by the shooter but the large linear ports also provides reasonable muzzle control.

AR-15 Accessories – Trigger Upgrade: Enhancing Trigger Performance

One of the most significant upgrades you can make to your Diamondback AR-15 is replacing the stock trigger with a high-quality aftermarket option. Single-stage and two-stage triggers from Dirty Bird offer distinct advantages in terms of trigger pull weight and reset characteristics. We also offer in a super simplre drop-in solution.

A single-stage trigger provides a consistent pull weight throughout the entire trigger stroke, with no take-up, offering precise control and rapid follow-up shots. On the other hand, a two-stage trigger features a distinct first stage of take-up followed by a clean, predictable break, ideal for precision shooting and target work.

Dirty Bird 2-Stage Trigger Group


Dirty Bird Guns & Ammo

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AR-15 Accessories – Other Upgrades

Assessing the necessity of upgrades in this section can be challenging, as it heavily depends on the components you initially acquired. Key areas to consider include the bolt carrier group, fire control group (particularly the springs), barrels, and sometimes the handguard or rail.

Not all bolt carriers are created equal, and various factors such as staking on the gas key, quality of fasteners used, and presence of tooling marks or burrs can impact bolt movement. These indicators may necessitate the replacement of your bolt carrier.

Dirty Bird Industries Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group .223/5.56


Dirty Bird Guns & Ammo

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Similarly, fire control groups may exhibit glaring issues, especially in lower-priced lower parts kits, where underpowered springs for the hammer and trigger can result in light primer strikes during firing. This issue is commonly encountered with lower-end cassette-style triggers, often requiring replacement of the springs or the entire fire-control group for proper firearm functionality.

Handguards and rails vary depending on the original components of your firearm and whether you have a fixed front sight. Plastic A2 style round handguards are often less favored due to difficulties in attaching necessary components. Additionally, rails with small diameters may lack the durability to withstand impact from drops. When selecting handguards or rails, prioritize options that fit your budget, ergonomically suit your hand, and facilitate easy and reliable attachment of required components.

AR-15 Accessories – Training: Invest in Yourself

It’s very easy to get caught up thinking you need to upgrade your rifle with AR-15 Accessories. Remember, you’re not in competition with anyone else, and you are your own person with your own needs. Before delving into upgrades for your Diamondback AR-15, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of training. Regardless of the enhancements you make to your rifle, your proficiency and skill as a shooter are paramount.

Seek out quality training courses tailored to your experience level and shooting goals. Proper training not only enhances safety but also maximizes the effectiveness of your firearm upgrades. Remember, consistent practice is key to maintaining proficiency and confidence with your Diamondback AR-15. You’d be wise to save some of your AR-15 Accessories budget on ammo and finding a good class to attend in your area.

AR-15 Accessories – Conclusion

By investing in the right AR-15 Accessories and prioritizing training, you can optimize the performance and functionality of your Diamondback AR-15, turning it into a versatile and reliable firearm for various applications. Whether you’re seeking improved accuracy, enhanced ergonomics, or better low-light performance, there are plenty of options available to customize your rifle to suit your preferences and shooting style. Remember to prioritize quality and compatibility when selecting accessories to ensure seamless integration and reliable operation. With the right upgrades and dedication to training, your Diamondback AR-15 can truly shine on the range or in defensive situations.

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