Magpul AR-15 Grips Overview

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense solution to upgrade your AR-15’s feel, no further than Magpul AR-15 grips, the industry leader in high-quality, ergonomic AR accessories. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various Magpul pistol grips available for your AR-15 and discuss the reasons why Magpul is a trusted name in the firearms industry. From the MIAD 1.1 grip kit to the MOE-K2+, we’ll cover the unique features of each grip and the different cores that can be used to customize your AR-15 grip experience.

Why Choose Magpul AR-15 Grips?

There are so many options when it comes to AR-15 grips that it can make one’s head spin. If your new AR came with a classic A2 grip, ir of you’re building your own AR, then you want a grip that is proven, feels great, and does not cost too much. This is why at Dirty Bird Guns & Ammo, Magpul AR-15 grips are our most recommended brand. Magpul is a trusted name in the firearms industry, known for producing high-quality, durable products that enhance the shooting experience. With a wide range of grips and accessories, Magpul has something for every shooter, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a weekend plinker.

Magpul grips are designed with ergonomics and functionality in mind, providing a comfortable and secure grip that improves control and accuracy. With customizable cores and various grip options, you can tailor your AR-15 to your specific needs and preferences.

Magpul AR-15 Grips – The MIAD 1.1 Grip Kit:

The Magpul MIAD 1.1 grip kit is the most versatile and customizable grip in the Magpul lineup. With interchangeable front and back straps, you can tailor the grip to your hand size and shooting style. The MIAD 1.1 also features a removable inner core, which can be swapped out for a storage core, allowing you to keep small tools or spare parts on hand.

Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 Grip Kit


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The Magpul Miad 1.1 grip kit offers a compelling choice for those seeking a customized and ergonomic grip solution compared to the standard MOE grip. Its modular design allows users to tailor the grip’s fit and feel to their preferences through interchangeable front and rear straps, as well as customizable core inserts. This adaptability ensures a comfortable and secure grip for a wide range of hand sizes and shooting styles.

Additionally, the Miad 1.1’s improved texture and shape provide enhanced control and stability, particularly in adverse conditions. Whether for precision shooting, tactical applications, or extended range sessions, the Magpul Miad 1.1 grip kit stands out as a versatile and user-friendly option, offering superior comfort and performance over the standard MOE grip.

Magpul AR-15 Grips – The MOE Grip:

The Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) grip is a simple, cost-effective upgrade for your AR-15. It features a comfortable, ergonomic design with a hand-filling texture that provides a secure grip in any condition. The MOE grip also has a removable core, allowing you to store small items or use a Magpul AR-15 grip core to customize your grip.

Magpul MOE AR Pistol Grip


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Having extensively used the Magpul MOE grip, I can confidently assert that it stands as the epitome of excellence among AR grips available today. Its simplistic yet effective design embodies everything a shooter could desire in a grip, offering a comfortable and secure hold that enhances control and accuracy. The MOE grip’s textured surface ensures a firm grasp even in adverse conditions, while its ergonomic shape fits naturally into the hand, reducing fatigue during extended shooting sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a novice enthusiast, the MOE grip’s versatility and reliability make it a top contender for any AR platform. If you’re undecided on which grip to choose, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Magpul MOE a try—it may just become your go-to choice for all your shooting needs.

Magpul AR-15 Grips
The classic Magpul MOE also comes with a rubberized option, known as the MOE+

Magpul AR-15 Grips – The MOE-K2 Grip:

The Magpul MOE-K2 grip is designed for shooters who prefer a more vertical grip angle. With a steeper angle of 17 degrees, the MOE-K2 reduces wrist strain and improves comfort during long shooting sessions. These Magpul AR-15 grips also features a more aggressive texture for enhanced control in wet or slippery conditions. Some individuals prefer a steeper grip angle on their AR platform for various ergonomic and shooting performance reasons. A steeper grip angle allows for a more natural alignment of the shooter’s wrist and forearm. This alignment can help mitigate wrist strain and promote a more comfortable shooting posture, especially during extended shooting sessions. Additionally, a steeper grip angle can facilitate faster and more intuitive target acquisition, as it encourages a more aggressive forward-leaning stance that aids in recoil management and weapon control. For shooters who prioritize rapid and precise engagements, particularly in dynamic shooting environments like competition or tactical scenarios, a steeper grip angle can offer tangible benefits in terms of comfort, control, and overall shooting performance.

Magpul MOE-K2 Grip


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Magpul AR-15 Grips – The MOE-K2+ Grip:

The Magpul MOE-K2+ grip is an upgraded version of the MOE-K2, featuring a rubber overmolded exterior for even better grip and control. The rubberized texture of the MOE K2+ grip enhances the overall shooting experience by providing a superior tactile feel and improved grip. Unlike traditional hard plastic grips, the rubberized surface of the MOE K2+ offers a more secure hold, particularly in wet or slippery conditions. This added traction not only enhances control but also reduces hand fatigue during extended shooting sessions. Moreover, the rubberized texture adds a level of comfort that is unmatched, allowing for a more natural and ergonomic grip.

Whether navigating close-quarters engagements or engaging targets at longer distances, the MOE K2+’s rubberized texture ensures a confident and comfortable hold, making it a preferred choice for shooters seeking optimal performance and comfort from their AR platform. The MOE-K2+ also includes a storage core, allowing you to keep small tools or spare parts on hand.

Magpul AR-15 Grips – The MOE-K2 XL Grip:

For shooters with larger hands, the Magpul MOE-K2 XL grip is the perfect solution. With a larger overall size and increased trigger guard gap, the MOE-K2 XL provides a comfortable, secure grip for those with bigger mitts. Like the other MOE-K2 grips, the MOE-K2 XL features a 17-degree grip angle and a rubber overmolded exterior.

Magpul MOE K2 XL Pistol Grip


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Individuals with larger hands will find a larger grip for their AR-15 to be essential for achieving optimal comfort and control while shooting. A grip that is too small can result in cramped fingers and decreased dexterity, leading to discomfort and reduced accuracy. By opting for a larger grip, such as those designed specifically for accommodating larger hands like the Magpul MOE K2-XL or similar models, shooters with larger hands can ensure a more natural and ergonomic grip that allows for proper finger placement and full hand engagement. This larger grip size not only reduces hand fatigue during extended shooting sessions but also enhances overall stability and control over the firearm, ultimately leading to improved shooting performance and accuracy for individuals with larger hands.

Magpul AR-15 Grips – The MOE SL Grip:

The Magpul MOE SL grip is designed for shooters who prefer a slimmer, more compact grip. With a reduced grip angle and a smaller overall size, the MOE SL is perfect for shooters with smaller hands or those who prefer a minimalist setup. The MOE SL also features a more aggressive texture and a storage core for added versatility.

Magpul MOE SL Grip


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The Magpul SL grip is a popular choice among shooters for several compelling reasons. Firstly, its streamlined design offers a minimalist and lightweight option for those seeking simplicity and reduced bulk on their AR platform. This makes it particularly well-suited for applications where weight savings and maneuverability are priorities, such as competitive shooting or tactical operations. Additionally, despite its slim profile, the Magpul SL grip maintains a comfortable and ergonomic shape that promotes a natural hand position, ensuring optimal control and shooting comfort.

Furthermore, its durable construction and textured surface provide a secure grip even in adverse conditions, enhancing confidence and stability during firing sequences. Overall, the Magpul SL grip is a versatile and reliable choice that appeals to shooters looking for a sleek, lightweight, and performance-driven grip option for their AR-15.

Magpul AR-15 Grips – The MOE-K Grip:

The Magpul MOE-K grip is a game-changer for AR-15 enthusiasts, especially for those who prefer a more compact and ergonomic design. This drop-in upgrade offers a low profile and a unique, steeper grip angle that sets it apart from traditional styles. MOE-K Magpul AR-15 grips are the perfect companion for Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) configurations, enhancing comfort and control for those who like to keep their primary hand close to their body.

Magpul MOE-K Grip


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What’s more, the MOE-K’s thin profile and absence of a backstrap ‘beavertail’ make it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a smaller grip circumference. In fact, this grip is so impressive that even the author of this article uses it on their personal HD (High Definition?) PDW. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your AR-15 and want a grip that’s both functional and stylish, the Magpul MOE-K is the way to go.


In conclusion, Magpul AR-15 grips are the perfect upgrade for your AR-15, offering a wide range of options to suit any shooter’s needs. From the versatile MIAD 1.1 grip kit to the compact MOE SL, Magpul AR-15 grip offers unique features and benefits that enhance your shooting experience. With a trusted reputation and a focus on quality and innovation, it’s no wonder that Magpul is the go-to choice for AR-15 owners looking to upgrade their grips.

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