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Dirty Bird Industries started as a California company selling guns and gun accessories. We are aware of the regulatory challenges that California residents face and we're here to help. Below is our selection of California Compliant Firearms.

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Have a dream gun that isn't California Compliant? Try our Middle-Man Service. If the firearm is able to be made compliant, we can source the gun, convert it in our NC facility and ship it to any FFL in California.

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California compliance laws can be complicated, we've put together some helpful information for your convenience.

California Compliant Handguns – Answers and Picks

In California, buying a handgun isn't as simple. Rather, it's a journey filled with twists, [...]

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FAQ on California Compliant Guns

At Dirty Bird Industries, we answer a lot of questions regarding California Compliant Guns. [...]

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Federal Judge Declares California’s Assault Weapons Ban Unconstitutional

On Thursday, October 19, a federal judge reiterated a prior decision, stating that California's efforts [...]

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Dirty Bird Industries Middleman Service: Key to California Compliant Guns

Dirty Bird Industries Middleman Service is the ideal way to take existing guns and safely, [...]

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Dirty Bird TV – California Compliant AR-15s and AR-10s

The AR-15 rifle enjoys immense popularity across the United States, yet California's stringent regulations mandate [...]

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Hellcat, Shield Plus, and More New Guns on the California Handgun Roster

The Calfornia handgun roster has just been updated with several new models now legally available [...]

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