Dirty Bird Industries Middleman Service: Key to California Compliant Guns

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Navigating California’s Firearm Regulations Made Easy

The Golden State, known for its beautiful beaches, sunny weather, and, unfortunately, its stringent firearm laws. California has never been the beacon of liberal gun regulations. For firearm enthusiasts, it means navigating through an intricate web of rules and regulations, especially for those who have their eyes on popular firearms available to shooters in other parts of the country.

Why You Might Need a Middleman

Imagine you see the gun of your dreams on an online auction site like GunBroker, or perhaps for sale at an out-of-state online retailer or a private individual. You attempt to make the purchase, but the seller declines once he learns that you live in California.

Instead of simply being out of luck, with the Dirty Bird Industries Middleman service, you will simply have the firearm set to our Raleigh, North Carolina location, cutting California completely out of the equation, at least temporarily.

With the firearm safely and securely sent to North Carolina, the next step in the Middleman process can begin – making the firearm compliant before it is shipped to you.

Dirty Bird’s Middleman Service: Making California Firearm Compliance Simple

We understand that not everyone’s firearm initially aligns with California’s stipulations. That’s where Dirty Bird’s Middleman Service steps in to help you turn your existing firearms or newly purchased firearms into California complaint guns. We’re experts at swapping out muzzle devices, pin, and welding barrels to reach 16″, pinning folding stocks on AKs, SCARs, and more, and modifying firearm features as required. Whatever your gun needs to be California compliant, we can handle it.

Also, because California has OAL regulations on rifles, if you want a bullpup-style rifle like a Tavor, Steyr Aug, or Springfield Helion, Dirty Bird Industries Middleman Service can also assist you with adding a muzzle device to the firearm’s 16″ barrel to bring it into California compliance.

  • Easy Process: Just ship your firearm to our North Carolina facility.
  • Expert Gunsmiths: Our team will skillfully modify your firearm, ensuring it ticks all the boxes of California’s compliance standards.
  • Stress-Free Return: Once compliant, your firearm is promptly returned, worry-free, and ready for legal use in California.

Again, our expert gunsmiths are skilled at working on all sorts of firearms, both classic and modern. It does not matter if its a classic firearm like a Thompson or a modern battle rifle like the SCAR H, we’ve got you covered. For a fee of $120/hour + parts + shipping, we’ll quickly convert your firearm to being California-compliant.

Why Choose Dirty Bird?

Navigating the maze of California’s firearm regulations can feel daunting, but with Dirty Bird Industries on your side, you’re equipped with knowledge and top-tier services. Our commitment goes beyond just making your firearm compliant. We’re here to educate and provide an extensive selection to help you responsibly and legally enjoy your Second Amendment rights in California.

Customer Service Excellence: Dirty Bird is renowned for our unmatched customer service. Trust us to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to Start?

Begin your journey to California compliant guns with Dirty Bird’s Middleman Service. Contact Dirty Bird now at [email protected] to get started. Your peace of mind and right to bear arms are just a few clicks away.

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