Strike Industries StrikeFighter 14.5" .223 Wylde 1:8 Carbine CHF Barrel

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The SI StrikeFighter Barrel 14.5” is inspired by the tried and true Mk18 barrel, but significantly updates it for increased performance, longevity and accuracy.  The improvements start with the barrel profile. The gradual transitions increase strength and reduce heat related differential expansion, allowing for greater shot to shot consistency like a heavier contour barrel, while still weighing less than an equivalent length government profile.  Perfect balance facilitates ultra fast close in transitions, but has the weight and stiffness for fine accuracy shot after shot.  The .223 Wylde chamber and 1/8 twist rate contribute to greater accuracy across a broad range of ammunition.

The .223 Wylde chamber allows for fine accuracy with match grade .223 Rem ammunition, but also safely and reliably handles the greater pressure of hotter 5.56x45mm loads.  

Traditional stainless steel barrels are highly accurate, but tend to wear out much faster than chromoly steels.  We at Strike Industries don’t agree that there needs to be a compromise at all.  By cold hammer forging 416 RS ordnance steel, ultra tough QPQ nitriding, and cryogenically treating the finished barrels, the life expectancy of SI barrels far exceed the typical stainless barrels currently commercially available.  

Product Spec
- Thread Pitch:1/2x28”
- Chambering: .223 Wylde (.223 Rem, 5.56x45mm)
- Weight: 25.3 oz net; 30 oz gross
- Gas Port: .073”
- Gas System Length: Carbine Length
- Process: Cryogenic stress relief, Melonite
- Testing: pin gauged, MPI
- Feedramps: M4
- Gas Journal: .750”
- Material: 416 RS
- Twist Rate: 1/8


- 100% Made in the U.S!
- .223 Wylde Chamber
- 1/8 twist
- SI StrikeFighter Improved profile
- Magnetic Particle Inspected
- 11 Degree Target Crown

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