Strike Industrial Anti Venom ULTRA Gun Oil - 4oz

SKU# 2011 | by Strike Industries
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Manufacturer Description
Introducing the next level of our AntiVenom line of weapons maintenance solutions: AntiVenom Ultra. Powered by XPLC, AntiVenom ULTRA is a heavy duty lubricant for extreme environments, optimized for the most demanding select fire and suppressed automatic weapon systems. An ionized molecular complex bonds to metallic microstructures, migrates towards friction zones, and withstands high pressures and operating temperatures. A higher viscosity and film strength serve to increase surface tenacity and boundary thickness. Maximum friction reduction is achieved between -60 F and 550 F. However, when applied to a weapon recently cleaned with XPLC, ULTRA is capable of temporary performance in environments from -80 F to 810 F. Like XPLC, ULTRA is hydrophobic, and wood and polymer safe.

Package include
- 1x Squeeze bottle (4oz.)

- Synergistic performance enhancement when used with XPLC
- Ultra high film strength
- Dielectric (Safe for electrical contacts)
- Migrates towards heat and friction
- Highest in class operating temperature range
- Wood and Polymer safe
- Ideal for SBR's and suppressed rifles and machineguns
- Will not gum up in extremely cold environments
- Contains no harsh industrial additives
- Made in USA!

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