BCA 16" 6.8 SPC II M4 Contour 1:10 Carbine 41V50 Barrel - Parkerized

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This high quality Bear Creek Arsenal barrel goes through its entire production life in Sanford, North Carolina at Bear Creek's facilities. Drilling, reaming, rifling, and turning are all accomplished on their CNC machines under ISO-9002 Quality Systems, allowing Bear Creek to put every barrel through a 100% inspection and air gauging process, ensuring every individual barrel is flawless before it leaves their facilities.

This 16", 1:10 twist, M4 contour barrel is machined from 41V50 chromoly vanadium steel, heat treated to RC 28-32 hardness, and properly stress relieved with a durable parkerized finish. Chambered for 6.8 SPC II, BCA expects that it, along with any of their barrels 16" or longer, will hold a 1.000 MOA group at 100 yards when used with appropriate ammo and shooting techniques.

Gas Port: Carbine length, 0.074"

Barrel Coating -?Parkerized
Barrel Contour -?M4
Barrel Length -?16
Barrel Material -?41V50 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
Brand -?Bear Creek Arsenal
Caliber Gauge -?6.8 SPC II
Feed Ramps -?M4
Gas Seat Diameter -?.750
Gas System Length -?Carbine
Manufacturer -?Bear Creek Arsenal
Platform -?AR-15
Thread Pattern -?1/2 X 36
Twist Rate -?1:10

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