Dirty Bird TV – Sig P365 vs. Springfield Hellcat vs. Glock 43

Sig P365

The world of concealed carry firearms is ever-evolving, and the Sig P365 stands out as a prime example of innovation and excellence. In a recent review by James at Dirty Bird TV, he delves into the details of the Sig P365, comparing it to the Springfield Hellcat and the Glock 43. Let’s explore the key points of his review and understand why the Sig P365 is a favorite among many concealed carry enthusiasts.

Introduction to the Sig P365

The Sig Sauer P365, introduced in 2018, quickly became a game-changer in the concealed carry market. Its compact size, coupled with a 10-round magazine capacity, was unprecedented at the time. Designed to be a striker-fired pistol, the P365’s standout feature is its modular design. Unlike most handguns where the frame or grip is the serialized part, Sig Sauer placed the serial number on the stainless steel fire control unit (FCU). This innovation allows for easy customization with third-party grip modules, making the P365 highly versatile and user-friendly.

Sig Sauer CA P365 MS Optics-Ready 9mm 3.1″ 10rd Pistol – CA Compliant


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Key Features and Variants

Primarily chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum and rated for +P ammunition, the P365 offers robust performance. In February 2022, Sig Sauer expanded its lineup with a .380 ACP variant, catering to those seeking lower recoil. The P365 family includes several models like the P365 XL, P365 X, P365 X Macro, P365 X Legion, P365 Spectre Comp, P365 SAS, and the stylish P365 Rose, featuring rose gold accents.

Capacity and Customization

One of the P365’s most significant advantages is its magazine capacity. In states with fewer restrictions, magazines can hold up to 17 rounds, while even in restrictive states like California, a 10-round capacity is impressive for a pistol of this size. The modular design of the P365 extends beyond grips, allowing users to swap barrels, slides, and recoil assemblies, making it one of the most customizable guns available today.

Comparing the Competition

James’s review highlights the competitive edge of the P365 when compared to the Springfield Hellcat and the Glock 43. The Hellcat, while similar in size and price, lacks the modularity of the P365, limiting customization options. The Glock 43X, despite being a reliable choice, falls short in magazine capacity and customizability, making it less appealing for those who prioritize these features.

Reliability and Accessories

Reliability is a hallmark of the Sig P365. James shares his personal experience with his P365 SAS, which has proven to be exceptionally reliable over the years, with minimal maintenance required beyond regular cleaning and lubrication. The P365’s ability to handle a variety of ammunition types with ease adds to its appeal.

In terms of accessories, the market is flooded with options for the P365. From holsters (IWB and OWB) to lights and lasers from reputable brands like Streamlight, CrimsonTrace, NightStick, and even Sig Sauer, the P365 is well-supported by accessory manufacturers.


The Sig Sauer P365 has rightfully earned its place as a top choice for concealed carry. Its impressive capacity, modularity, and reliability make it a standout option. As James at Dirty Bird TV emphasizes, whether you’re comparing it to the Springfield Hellcat or the Glock 43, the P365 offers a unique blend of features that cater to both new and experienced shooters. For those seeking a versatile and dependable concealed carry pistol, the Sig P365 is hard to beat.

Check out the full video review by James at Dirty Bird TV to see these comparisons in action and get a closer look at what makes the Sig P365 such a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts.

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