California Compliant Springfield Hellcat: 500-Round Review

In 2023, the California compliant Springfield Hellcat made its way onto the California Handgun Roster, and it has been making waves in the concealed carry world ever since. The California compliant version of this innovative pistol comes equipped with an optic-ready slide, a loaded chamber indicator, and a magazine disconnect, making it an ideal choice for gun enthusiasts in the Golden State. James from Dirty Bird recently took a California compliant Springfield Hellcat out for a 500-round initial test fire.

California Compliant Springfield Hellcat First Impressions:

The California compliant Springfield Hellcat is effectively the same size as the California compliant Sig P365, which revolutionized the concealed carry market. In the handgun market, the increasing popularity of concealed carry has driven a shift towards smaller, more easily concealable firearms. Manufacturers have responded to this demand by producing compact handguns that can hold more rounds within their tiny frames. The California compliant Springfield Hellcat is a perfect example of this trend.

At first glance, the California compliant Hellcat boasts a slim and lightweight design with a great trigger and ergonomic grip. It comes with two 10-round magazines, making it compliant with California’s strict gun laws, and features excellent sights that are perfect for quick target acquisition.

In California, the preference for smaller pistols with limited capacity makes sense due to the state’s stringent firearm regulations, which include magazine capacity restrictions. These restrictions aim to enhance public safety by limiting the number of rounds a firearm can hold. As a result, many gun owners in California opt for compact handguns with reduced magazine capacity to comply with the law while still being able to exercise their right to self-defense. This choice not only aligns with legal requirements but also aligns with the practical needs of carrying a concealed firearm comfortably and discreetly, further emphasizing the significance of compact handguns in the state’s firearm landscape.

Springfield Hellcat Shooting Experience:

After taking the California compliant Springfield Hellcat out to the range with 500 rounds, I found that the pistol performed flawlessly without any malfunctions. The trigger became smoother and lighter with use, enhancing the overall shooting experience. The sights, which initially seemed questionable, proved to be incredibly efficient when shooting.

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A Step Ahead:

One of the most impressive aspects of the California compliant Springfield Hellcat is the fact that it comes with a slide cut to accept a micro red dot sight straight from the factory. This feature is a game-changer, as it allows for lightning-fast engagement and unparalleled situational awareness.

More and more, shooters are looking to add red dot optics to their carry pistols, and all too often, handgun buyers do not realize their desire for the option until they have already purchased a handgun that does not have a pre-cut slide. Trust us, trying to have a handgun milled expertly and properly can be a pain, as it includes finding a skilled gunsmith, and likely shipping your gun’s new slide out of state. To have a California compliant handgun with a pre-cut slide is a huge timesaver and allows you to immeditely begin the hunt for an optic to sit on top.

California Compliant Springfield Hellcat

Other Beneficial Springfield Hellcat Features

The California compliant Springfield Hellcat’s 3″ hammer-forged Melonite®-coated 1:10″-twist barrel and slim 1″ width make it a comfortable and accurate option for concealed carry. The Adaptive Grip Texture is another standout feature, as it provides a secure grip that becomes even more secure as you squeeze the pistol.


The Springfield Hellcat has truly raised the bar for concealed carry pistols in California. With its impressive features and outstanding performance, it’s no wonder that the Hellcat has quickly become a favorite among gun enthusiasts in the state. If you’re looking for a reliable, comfortable, and accurate concealed carry option, the Springfield Hellcat is an excellent choice.

Enter the Springfield Hellcat Pro

While not featured here, Springfield’s Hellcat Pro is also now on the California Handgun Roster.

The Hellcat Pro is an expansion of the original Hellcat, being the first midsize pistol in the Hellcat series. It shares many features with the micro compact version but has some key differences, including a taller grip for better comfort and handling, especially for those with larger hands. A 15-round magazine that fits flush with the extended frame. A longer 3.7″ barrel and slide, which increase the sight radius.

Despite these improvements, the Hellcat Pro maintains its focus on concealability, being only 0.6″ longer than the original Hellcat at 6.6″ overall. Additionally, the slide is optics-ready, similar to the OSP and RDP models.Look for more hands-on information on this California compliant handgun in the weeks ahead.

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