Vortex SPITFIRE 3X MAG Prism Scope

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Designed specifically for the AR platform, choose the Vortex 3x Spitfire when fast target acquisition in close to medium range shooting applications is a priority. The sophisticated prism based design allows for a more compact optical system without sacrificing optical quality.

Inside this optic, you’ll find the EBR-556B reticle. The Enhanced Battle Reticle is designed around the 5.56x45 cartridge to aid in rapid shooting at point blank and extended ranges, providing holdover and ranging references from 0-500 yards. Etched directly on the prism to assure consistent point-of-aim with selectable red/green illumination of five intensity levels to match specific conditions.

The single-piece aluminum alloy chassis provides exceptional resilience against recoil. O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for waterproof and fogproof reliability.

NOTE: Prism Scopes are not compatible with the VMX-3T Magnifier.

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