Thordsen Customs FRS-15 Stock Kit - Enhanced - Black

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Sadly, several states in our great country mischaracterize certain types of semiautomatic firearms, like AR-10 and AR-15 variants, as "Assault Weapons". Some states have enacted laws that restrict common features, including a pistol grip and adjustable stock. Somehow they believe that these features make firearms more dangerous. For law abiding citizens that own these weapons, it could mean confiscation and possibly criminal prosecution.

The FRS-15 Rifle Stock is designed help law abiding citizens keep their firearms in compliance with these laws. Replacing the pistol grip and adjustable stock with the FRS-15 rifle stock, effectively eliminates these two prohibited characteristics while preserving all of the weapons functionality.

It took nearly two years of research and development for the FRS-15 Rifle Stock to reach its current form. It is an excellent blend of form and function. Shooters of all types will appreciate the feel of its traditional hunting rifle style curved grasp and solid shouldering.

With multiple sling hard points and adjustable cheek rise, (optional) the FRS-15 can be easily configured for hunting, plinking, tactical training, or competition shooting. Many other upgrades and accessories are also available.


Our FRS-15 kits are not only designed to be the most ergonomic solution for featureless conversions, they are also tailored to meet our customers individual needs and budgets. Many people use their rifles in different ways and our Standard and Enhanced kits allow for maximum utility. The difference in the two kits is the Buffer Tube Cover. The Standard FRS-15 kits are tailored more for those who primarily shoot from a bench or prefer a two point sling. The Enhanced FRS-15 kits include two additional quick detach sling hard points. The advantage is that if a user prefers a single point sling, the center of gravity is in line with the barrel which keeps the muzzle pointed straight down.


  • Fits any standard carbine length recoil system
  • Fits any brand of forged AR-15 receiver
  • Fits many brands of billet AR-15 receivers


Two quick detach sling hard points
Single point sling loop behind grip
Aggressively checkered grip
Interchangeable side panels
Grip storage compartment
Rubber buttpad
Many upgrades & accessories available


Material: 33% Glass filled Nylon
Hard points: Black oxide coated steel
Overall length 13.5"
Length of pull: 14.5"
Stock weight: 11.5 oz.
Buffer tube cover weight: 2.6 oz.
Buffer tube cover length: 7.5"


FRS-15 Rifle Stock
Enhanced Buffer Tube Cover
Ergonomic Endplate
Mounting hardware
Full color installation instructions

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