Strike Industries M4/AR-15 Fang Trigger Guard with Magwell Feature

SKU# 1885 | by Strike Industries
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Manufacturer Description:
If you ve ever wanted faster, more reliable magazine reloads, practice makes perfect. You aren t gonna be a superstar overnight. But a little help never hurts. This is why Strike Industries has developed the Fang Trigger Guard. Our trigger guard has a stubby magazine assist fang that protrudes to allow with quicker and more accurate reload insertion of the magazine. The Fang Trigger Guard is made of high quality polymer and is light weight with a great look and feel that is only matched with its performance. The fang will help guide your magazine into the magwell on a much more dependable basis. It s a simple, helpful guide that can be used from the beginner to the more advanced. You have to get the feel for the timing and mechanics of a quick and clean reload, getting a competitive edge is just the smart thing to do. Try the Strike Industries Fang Trigger Guard and bite back against failed reload attempts.

Package include: 
- 1 x Fang Trigger guard
- 1 x Roll Pin
- 1 x Set screw

- Nylon reinforced polymer
- Magazine reload assist
- Finger rest function
- Cleaner, faster reloads
- Use as a finger rest
- Light weight at .2 oz

Available Colors:
- Black

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