Strike Industries Extended Charging Handle Latch - Blue

SKU# 1634 | by Strike Industries
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The new Strike Industries Extended Charging Handle Latch is not only a great addition to the ARCH charging handle, it is a great addition to any standard charging handle and is the first Extended Latch constructed of aluminum to prevent wear on your receiver!!! The SI AR-LATCH ads functionality and an aggressive look to your AR without taking a toll on your bank account. With its ergonomic design it makes for an even smoother charge in extreme conditions. The quality of the Strike AR-LATCH is second to none. Once you place the AR-LATCH on your rifle, you will see, feel, and know the quality of the AR-LATCH!

Package includes:
1 x Charging Handle Extended Latch

- Enlarged extended grasping surface for smooth operation under extreme conditions
- AR Latch co-existed with the SI ARCH for enhanced operation
- Aluminum construction for minimized weight
- Fits all Standard Mil Spec Charging Handles including the Strike Industry ARCH

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