Strike Industries AR-10 Shift Pins

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Manufacturer Description

The Strike Industries Shift Pins bring yet another innovative solution to the AR-10/LR-308 market. Already keeping the extended grip surface for easy disassembly without a need for a pin punch, the pins are also designed with Quick Detach mechanisms that result in not needing to remove extra parts such as an endplate, castle nut and buffer tube. Simply rotate, and remove the pins as shown below. The nearly tool less design combined with our enhanced detent pins that retain inside the pin springs makes swapping out the pins an almost effortless task. No more launching those darn detents into the abyss!

The SI Shift Pin is CNC machined from solid steel for strength, precise fitment, and corrosion resistance. This is a replacement for most AR-10/LR308 takedown/pivot pins and fits most forged and billet receivers.


  • Less steps needed to remove pins
  • Textured heads eliminate the need for a pin punch.
  • Locks into place securely. Innovative QD rotation feature
  • Nearly tool less assembly and removal

Package include:

  • 1x Pivot Shift Pin
  • 1x Takedown Shift Pin
  • 2x enhanced detents

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