Strike Industries Anti Venom Aerosol Spray - 4oz

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Manufacturer Description
Strike Industries introduces the industry s most extreme general purpose weapons lubrication, cleaning, and protection solution. Strike Industries AntiVenom-XPLC is the culmination of years of research and fine tuning, both on the range and in the lab. This heat activated super-lubricant has an extremely high film strength and pressure resistance, and thrives in high temperature, high stress environments where others fail. Safe for use on your polymers, metals, and even your electro-optics and lighting systems, AntiVenom-XPLC's non-CP based formula combines class-leading molecular adhesion technology with a gentle cleaning agent that won t harm woods or polymers. Environmentally stable, AntiVenom-XPLC removes all other lubricants and fluids, penetrating deeply into the surface structure of the metal, and forming a protective layer against rust and friction.

Package includes:
- 1x Aerosol Can

- Powerful lubricant, preservative, and cleaner for all Aluminums and Steel Alloys.
- Ionized molecular structure permeates microcrystalline surfaces, creating extremely high film strength and surface adhesion.
- Formula invades and pushes out other compounds, including oils, solvents, salts, some acids, and water.
- Maximum protection from -20 to 500 F. Can operate briefly at temps upwards of 600 F.
- Will not gum up in extremely cold environments
- Zero Chlorinated Paraffins and Lead: won't harm metals stored for long periods of time or exposed to moisture
- Low VOC content (propellant): safer for organic life forms than other aerosol delivered products.
- Hydrophobic, Polymer safe, Dielectric (safe for use on Electro-optics and lighting systems).
- Made in USA

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