Dirty Bird Industries Single Stage Nickel Teflon Trigger Group Minus Springs

SKU# D040 | by Dirty Bird Industries
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Mil-spec trigger groups are reliable, easy to service and inexpensive. The problem is, mil-spec triggers tend to have a heavy trigger pull (sometimes up to 8 or 9 pounds) and the gritty take-up makes it is difficult to gauge where the break will be. This is where the Dirty Bird Single Stage Nickel Teflon Trigger Group comes in. Featuring honed and polished engagement surfaces plus a slick and durable Nickel Teflon finish. You get a smooth trigger pull with very little take-up and a crisp clean break.

This kit does not include the Disconnect Spring, Trigger Spring, Hammer Spring, or Trigger / Hammer Pins, allowing the builder to use their existing springs or purchase reduced power springs for a lighter trigger pull.

Includes: Trigger, Hammer, Disconnector

Made in the USA

Backed by the Dirty Bird Limited Lifetime Warranty

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