Dirty Bird Industries Assembly / EDC Dump Trays – Kydex

SKU# D072 | by Dirty Bird Industries
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The Dirty Bird Assembly Tray is the perfect way to be able to store the essentials when you are starting your new AR build. These U.S. Made trays are perfect for being able to hold any type of detent or spring, that could potentially disappear (mysteriously), and is even spacious enough to be able to hold a Carbine buffer tube, or anything else that you might need!

Not only are they perfect for holding AR parts, but they are also a great spot to store EDC items such as keys, wallet, phone, pistol, knife, etc.

These Kydex trays are 10.25″ x 9.75″, and feature a partition in the tray to make sure that parts don’t get mixed together. Each tray includes 4 self-adhesive 3M Bumpon™ rubber feet which keep your tray from sliding around and protects whatever surface you place it on.

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