Dirty Bird 10.3" 5.56 NATO Carbine Length 416R Barrel - Nitride

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Introducing the Dirty Bird Dirty Bird 10.3" 5.56 NATO Carbine Length 416R Barrel - Nitride

When it comes to building a rifle you can depend on, one of the areas you cannot afford to skimp on is a high-quality barrel. Along with a high-quality bolt carrier group, the barrel you select is truly the heart of your AR. Knowing this, Dirty Bird Industries has worked to create a barrel that meets the needs of a majority of today’s AR builders. With Dirty Bird’s relentless focus on quality and attention to detail, this versatile barrel is an ideal start for your next AR build. 

The “Why” Behind the Barrel

When starting a build, the crucial question to consider as you select components is “why.” If you’re like us, If your “why” is needing something accurate, durable, and reliable, this is the barrel for you. While having these barrels made, we demanded a barrel that would not limit the shooter in terms of accuracy. Finally, we wanted to make sure we focused on durability. The end-results of our efforts is a barrel you can count on to hit what you want, when you want, without compromise. 

Quality Materials, Quality Control

Material selection matters in a barrel. We decided to craft the barrel out of 416R Stainless steel to ensure peak accuracy. The reason why was simple - Accuracy matters both at the range and in the real world. That said, this 416R stainless barrel can handle the most adverse environmental situations and still be used in high-precision situations. 

These barrels were made with stringent quality control and have one of the best Nitride finishes that you can find on a barrel. The finish provides superior corrosion resistance as well as a clean look. 

Versatile and Dependable

We chose a 1:8 twist so that these barrels could be used with the majority of ammo grains. The bottom line is this, if you are looking for a highly reliable and accurate barrel, go with the Dirty Bird 10.3" 5.56 NATO Carbine Length 416R Barrel. 

Barrel Material: Domestically sourced 416R Stainless Steel 


Made in the USA

Backed by Dirty Bird Industries’ Limited Lifetime Warranty


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