Assembled Nitride Low Profile Gas Block + Melonite Gas Tube

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Streamline your build and save a few bucks while doing it with this gas system assembly consisting of an APOC Nitride Low Profile Gas block and Ballistic Advantage Melonite Gas Tube. Available in Pistol, Carbine, Mid and Rifle lengths, this is a great way to get good quality components, save some money and not have to deal with the tedious task of pinning the gas tube into the gas block. This bundle features APOC Armory's excellent nitrided .625 or .750 Low Profile Gas Block along with your choice of Ballistic Advantage Melonite Gas Tube.

APOC Armory Low Profile Gas Block

.625 OR .750 diameter
High grade steel construction
Black Nitride Finish
2 hex head set screws
Lifetime Warranty

Ballistic Advantage Melonite Gas Tube

Pistol, Carbine, Mid or Rifle Lengths
Melonite treated for enhanced heat and corrosion resistance compared to non-finished gas tubes.
Beveled alignment hole
Lifetime Warranty
Note: Melonite and Black Nitride are the same finish, we use the terms interchangeably based on how the manufacturer of the product refers to it.

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