Arisaka Defense Offset Picatinny Adapter

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The Arisaka Defense Offset Picatinny Adapter is designed to mount on to one of the following mounts: OSM-C, OSM-K, OSM-M, SSM-K, SSM-M. Once combined with one of the listed mounts, the user can then use Picatinny attachments on the offset mount. This gives operators more flexibility in how they position Picatinny attachments such as lights or lasers aiming devices.

Arisaka LLC is a design and manufacturing company owned and run by shooting enthusiast and adamant 2nd amendment advocates. Arisaka Defense believes in creating no compromise products that make the accessories on your weapon system more ergonomic and usable. They offer a variety of light mounts to be compatible with every possible configuration. Each part is machined to precise tolerances and made with care to ensure a proper fit and elegant finish.

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