Arisaka Defense Offset Optic Mounting Plate - Tall

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The Arisaka Offset Optic Mount is designed to be attached to the top Picatinny rail of an AR15 rifle. When the rifle is canted to make use of the offset red dot sight, the optic remains centered over the bore and maintains a consistent height. Two heights of plates are offered; standard (1.45" to 1.65") and tall (1.93" to 2.04"). The base and optic plates can be reversed, making the mount fully ambidextrous.

A wide selection of red dot sights are supported with interchangeable optic plates.

Tall height (1.93" to 2.04"):
  1. Docter, Eotech, Insight, Meopta, Vortex Venom/Viper, Burris Fastfire III (ETA Q1 2020)
  2. Trijicon RMR and SRO, Holosun 407C and 507C
  3. Leupold Delta Point (ETA Q1 2020)
  4. Aimpoint Micro T1/T2 and clones
  5. Aimpoint Acro (ETA Q1 2020)
The base and plates can each be purchased separately or as a combination, providing an upgrade path in the future as users acquire new red dot sights.

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