We Buy Used Firearms Terms and Conditions

The subsequent Purchase Terms (“Terms”) oversee all transactions between you, the seller, and Dirty Bird (“Dirty Bird”, “our”, or “we”) as the buyer, initiated by you on the DirtyBirdUSA.com website (“the Website”). We may amend these Terms when necessary. All transactions between you and us will adhere to the most recent Terms. As a result, we advise you to revisit these Terms whenever you intend to sell firearms or related accessories (“Items”) on our Website. If you disagree with the current Terms, please refrain from selling any Items on our Website.


You confirm to us that:

  • You’ve comprehensively understood these Terms.
  • You are: (i) A U.S. citizen or a valid permanent resident (holding a “green card”); (ii) At least 21 years old; (iii) The sole legal owner of the Items; (iv) Allowed to sell the Items to us; (v) Not facing charges for a crime with a potential sentence of over one year; (vi) Residing in a state where you can legally possess and own the Items.
  • The Items adhere to all federal, state, or local laws and have not been altered to contradict them.
  • The Items aren’t governed by the National Firearms Act (like machine guns or silencers).
  • The Items’ serial numbers remain unaltered.
  • The Items are functional, free of defects, unloaded, and without ammunition.
  • The address you shared with Dirty Bird is accurate.
  • You’ve complied with Dirty Bird’s packaging and shipping guidelines provided on the Website and by us.

Our proposal to buy the Items hinges on our inspection. We can choose to accept or decline the Items for any reason.

If we approve of the Items, we will send your payment (less any Handling Fee if applicable) within three days post-inspection. You are liable for any relevant taxes due to our purchase. The Items’ ownership and risk are transferred to us upon acceptance.

If we reject the Items, we’ll ship them back to the address you shared. We’ll email you within three days post-inspection about the rejection and guide you on a $50 return fee payment (which might be waived at our discretion). After receiving this fee, we’ll ship the Items back. If you don’t pay within 90 days, we gain ownership of the Items and owe you nothing further. If we decline the Items, they remain your responsibility unless you fail to cover the return fee within 90 days.


If you send a loaded Item or include ammunition, you’ll owe a $150 Handling Fee, among other potential charges. If we intended to buy the Item, we’ll subtract the Handling Fee from your payment. If we rejected your Item, we’ll bill you the Handling Fee. If unpaid within 90 days, we obtain ownership of any Items in our possession. This Handling Fee doesn’t limit any other liabilities you might have towards us due to these Terms violations.


Comply with all laws when dealing with the Items. Never ship a loaded firearm or a package containing both ammunition and a firearm.

Both parties agree that our utmost liability to you, based on these Terms, equates to the Items’ purchase price. We aren’t accountable for any indirect or consequential damages.

Inform Dirty Bird promptly if your address changes.

Occasionally, Dirty Bird may offer contests or promotions on the Website. Specific terms might apply to these, and you’re responsible for understanding them. If there’s any clash between these Terms and the promotion’s terms, the latter prevails.

These Terms can only be changed as mentioned here or with a written agreement signed by both you and an authorized Dirty Bird representative.