Dirty Bird Industries AR-15 Trigger Reduced Power Single Stage Spring Set

SKU# D099 | by Dirty Bird Industries

Dirty Bird Industries is excited to announce their new Dirty Bird Industries AR-15 Trigger 3.5lb Reduced Power Spring Set! Mil-Spec triggers have been used for decades, but have always suffered from an incredibly heavy trigger pull weight, that can be upwards of 7-8lbs. When installed, the Dirty Bird Industries AR-15 Trigger Reduced Power Spring Set is capable of producing a consistent 3.5lb trigger pull.

The DBI Reduced Power Spring Set have been designed to work with single-stage triggers and will not work with two-stage triggers. 

Pair this Reduced Power Spring Set with the wildly popular Dirty Bird Industries Single Stage Nickel Teflon Trigger Group for an incredible aftermarket trigger upgrade that will have you AR feeling brand new.

Backed by the Dirty Bird Industries Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA!

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