APOC Armory Tunable .750 Low Profile Gas Block - Black

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The APOC Armory Tunable Gas Block makes it easy to dial in any caliber / barrel combination. Many barrels come from the factory designed to be slightly overgassed. They do this by drilling a slightly larger diameter gas port and?this is how they ensure that the rifle will cycle properly regardless of the buffer system and even if cheap underpowered ammo is used. Wise?builders however prefer to optimize their rifles by tuning the gas system. A properly gassed rig will last longer, shoot smoother and?provide more consistent accuracy.

This gas block is has an adjustment screw and a set screw. The adjustment screw will block a varying amount of gas and the set screw securely locks the adjustment screw in place.?

  • Lightweight Design
  • Stainless Steel Tuning Screws
  • .750 Diameter?
  • 4140 Steel Construction
  • Black Nitride?Treated For Corrosion Resistance?
  • 2 Hex Head Set Screws 0.4060 To Center Of Screw Holes
  • Includes Set Screws, Roll Pin And Allen Wrench
  • Lifetime Warranty

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