Dirty Bird 2-Stage Trigger Group

SKU# DBI-2STG-P | by Dirty Bird Industries
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For shooters seeking a combination of value, reliability and precision, the Dirty Bird 2-Stage Trigger Group checks all the boxes. 

This trigger assembly takes advantage of a two stage fire control design that has been trusted in both competition and combat roles for decades. Springs are tuned to provide a smooth first stage pull of about 1.5lbs and a crisp second stage break at 3lb for a total pull weight of 4.5lbs (actual total pull weight may vary ± .5lb). The 4.5lb total weight gives the operator a greater level of safety and control in high stress environments but with a second stage pull weight of only 3lbs, the shooter can also squeeze of long range precision shots with ease. 

Purchase with confidence: Every component in this trigger group is manufactured in the USA under strict quality control standards. This trigger is also backed by the Dirty Bird Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

We love a good 2-stage trigger and we think you will too, especially at this price point. 

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